When you told me that you were starting your own pet services business, I was very excited for you and happy for all the other lucky people and their pets. Now others will be able to hire you and receive the same incredible service that my beautiful rotty/cross had been get from you. I don’t know what I would do without April, she has been an absolute lifesaver. The truth is I don’t think I would even be able to keep Poochie (named after the cartoon dog in “The Itchy and Scrathy show on the Simpsons, voiced by Homer). You see I rescued Poochie who very likely would have been put to sleep at the pound because she was taken from crack shack where she had been beaten and starved, she was barley alive when the police raided the place. It was love at first site, I heard the story of Poochie from a friend and I was heart broken by it, I knew I had to help her. Due to the mistreatment that Poochie endured made it almost impossible to find her a long time home, she was scared of her own shadow when I adopted her. To make things even more complicated I am confined to a wheel chair, this is the result of a degenerating disease I’m afflicted with. I knew if I didn’t adopt Poochie no one would and I couldn’t let her die because of the horrible treatment she’d severed from all her life. It has taken a lot of time and love to bring Poochie around to the sweet gentle girl she is now but there was still one major problem we had, with my limited mobility and Poochie’s need for lots of exercise, I was unsure of what could be done. Even though Poochie has made leaps and bounds in her behavior, she still has lots of trust and anxiety issues and outside of myself she will not let anyone else handle her. Until April came alone I was constantly worrying what could be done to solve this problem but with April my worries completely went away. April is one of those very rare and special people who have that magic touch when it comes to dealing with troubled dogs. Outside of myself April is is the only person one that can walk and handle Poochie, under April loving approach Poochie has flourished and is like a new dog. I am so grateful to April that I get choked up even thinking about everything she has done for us. I’m at a loss for words to tell you how eternally grateful I’m to April. I wish you all the best on your new endeavor with Crosstown Pets and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I’m so happy you’ve chosen to turn your passion into a career, you have been godsend to are family especial little Celine our 4 year old French bulldog. With my partner and I having such hectic careers, we simple don’t have the time needed to give Celine the proper attention and exercise she needs and deserves. This is where April comes in, we couldn’t ask for a more kind, caring and devoted dog lover then her. April has been a dream come true for us, she takes such wonderful care of Celine and provides her with all the things we are to busy to do, such as long walk, play time and obedience training. I never thought I would ever trust or feel comfortable enough to let anybody take care of Celine, she really is like our child. April is only person I could ever imagine looking after Celine. I was very hesitant and nervous about giving over Celine to someone to look after her but after meeting April and talking to her, she put all our fears to rest. April has proven herself over and over again to be extremely responsible and caring and is the only person I will ever trust to take care of our baby, Celine.


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