How do we contact you?

Please inbox us on Facebook – Come join our page! 🙂

What is Dog Walking?
Dog Walkers  go to the pet owner’s location and take their dog(s) for a walk.

Why would people need a dog walker?

People are busy! Busy at work, busy social lives, busy with kids. Busy people are often unable  to take their pets out for a regularly needed bathroom break and exercise. Pets that are left alone become bored and destructive. A visit by Crosstown Pet will keep your pet healthy and happy!

Seniors may have lively pets but suffer from health or physical mobility issues. Pets need to be exercised to be healthy and happy!

You may need to go away for holiday or long weekend and won’t be able to take to your pet along. We can look after your pet  while they remain at your home or at our (your choice).

When do you do dog walks?

Usually Monday to Friday but Weekend may be available also.

How far in advance do you take appointments?

As much notice as you can give us! We will always do our best to accommodate your request!

What type of payment do you accept?

Cash ONLY please


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