The New Paradigm of Business – Local Economies

23 Sep

Crosstown Pet is excited to attend this free event! The New Paradigm of Business – Local Economies



Right now humanity is facing an oppressive list of seemingly impossible obstacles. From global warming to rising social inequity (the 99% vs. the 1%) we appear to be at a pivotal point in our evolution.

Many blame the financial markets, multinational corporations and the banks. However many of these arguments discriminate against businesses as if they are all the same.

What if business could be the way through our global challenges?

Not the profit-above-all-else, destructive kind of business that has become rampant, but a new paradigm of business where people and planet are harmoniously balanced with profit. 

This event will explore the next steps in this process with local new paradigm business leaders, economists, politicians and more.

Date and location: September 23rd 2012, 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm.

SFU Harbor Center. Room #1700, 515 West Hastings Street.


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