Day 2 of Professional Dog Walker Program

18 Sep

Crosstown Pet is taking the Professional Dog Walker Certificate  program at Langara College!

Six courses make up this program designed for dog walkers, trainers, and other dog handlers. Taught by industry professional Jill Taggart, PhD in Behavioural Psychology, Master of Science – Animal Behaviour, and a practicing Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

Our morning began with Marketing your Dog-Walking Business-

Learn basic marketing skills to promote your dog walking, dog day care, or boarding and kennel business. Topics include public relations skills and sales promotion within your community. Learn various advertising methods as well as how to use social media sites.

Dr. Jill Taggart writes down different types of Dog Services that could be offered.

At Crosstown Pet, we offer  “Exceptional Care, Reasonable Rates”  

What type of Dog Walker are you?

Major question:

  • On- Leash or Off -Leash?
  • One dog at a time is safest but low revenue
  • Off – leash groups of dogs most revenue but requires experience and training
  • Do you have a convenient off-leash area nearby?
  • If not, how will you get to one?

What types of dogs will you take?

  • Boisterous with other dogs?
  • Poor recall?
  • Difficult in a vehicle ( fear/illness/boisterous)
  • Unsure of strangers

What type of dog clean up after walk?

  • Rub-down, Bath once a week after rolling?

Other services you’ll provide?

  • Feeding, filling water bowls, giving medication, leaving Kongs and other toys

Getting Started

First Steps

  • Volunteer at local shelters or dog daycare
  • Assist in a local trainer’s class

Make sure the individual is professional and credible

Go to School! (We’re at Langara College!) 🙂

  • Formal education as well as on going reading
  • There is skill required in handling dogs


Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

Ben Kersen, Residency Course over 12 weeks

Animal Behavior College

Read Read Read

Continuing Education is important

  • Keep up on the latest research

Dr. Jill Taggart writes down some Stakeholders in the Dog Walking business

  • Groomers
  • Vets
  • Pet Sitters
  • Dog Owners
  • Kennels

The “dog’ part of the business

First Walk

  • You and the Dog alone
  • Arrange to meet other “stooge” dogs along the way to test the dog’s reactions

Second Walk

  • New dog and one other dog: introduce both off – leash if possible
  • Ideal to have a malleable, placid “stooge” dog to teach others


Ensure you have control 100% of the time!

  • For this reason, do not exceed 2 dogs at once until you have mastered control issues and are familiar with dogs’ personalities.
  • Use Head Halters
  • Use Multi-Walker Leashes
  • Have easy access to treats
  • Take extra treats/ water/ bowls, small emergency kit and “clean up” bags in a bag pack

Crosstown Pet found this course to be extremely informative and supportive for our business! 🙂

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