Day 1 of Professional Dog Walker Program

14 Sep

Crosstown Pet is taking the Professional Dog Walker Certificate program at Langara College! 🙂

Six courses make up this program designed for dog walkers, trainers, and other dog handlers. Taught by industry professional Jill Taggart, PhD in Behavioural Psychology, Master of Science – Animal Behaviour, and a practicing Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

Our morning began with Typical Dog Behaviour-

Dogs communicate all the time; we humans just dont know their language. Open your world and explore the basics elements involved to understand dog behaviour and social structure. Learn about breed specific behaviours, stages of normal development, and the social structure or pecking order of a dog pack. Examine how dogs signal and communicate with each other

Dr. Jill Taggart speaking with Hendrik of Crosstown Pet on Dog Behaviours.

Dr. Jill Taggart instructing us on the Basis of Dog Behaviour Nature (Genetics) vs Nurture (Environment), How Dog Learn, Dog Communication and Signalling and Dog Aggression.

Behaviour stages are:

– Mostly play behaviour ( running out)play

– 90%  play/10% hunting – St. Bernards

– Object Players: carrying and exploring by mouth

– 70% play/30% hunting – Retrievers

-Development Headers (heading off the prey) and Stalkers

– 70% hunting/30% play: show incomplete hunting

behaviour repertoire –  Border Collies

– Holding and Immobilizing Prey

– 90%  hunting/10% play – will grab/ hold animal they are chasing – Huskies

At lunch break, we discovered it was “Welcome to Langara Day

Hendrik of Crosstown Pet loved the bright balloons!

A gigantic Cherry Blossom Pink  Langara Cake welcomed us!

Hendrik had fun sampling the Chocolate, Cherry and Mocha cakes!

Tasty popcorn and Langara pins were given away!

After a fun filled lunch, we learned about Abnormal Dog Behaviour and Communication

When working or dealing with dogs on an ongoing basis you need to know about specific behaviours that can cause problems. Learn why dogs develop difficult-to-control behaviours and how to work with them. Topics covered include aggression, predatory chase behaviours and other abnormal behaviour. This course builds on theories learned of typical dog behaviour.

Recommended reading to increase our knowledge include:

Brenda Aloff:  Aggression in Dog: Practical Management

Ian Dunbar: How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Patricia McConnell: The Other End of the Leash

Karen Pryor: Don’t Shoot the Dog

All too soon, our first day of learning Animal Behaviours ended!We look forward to coming back to Langara tomorrow!It was good to come back home to our dogs! We missed them so much! 🙂



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