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Meeting with Wes Regan of Hastings Crossing BIA at W2 Media Cafe

28 Sep

Hendrik of Crosstown Pet, Judy Graves and Wes Regan of Hastings Crossing BIA meet and share a laugh!

Hendrik plays with Babz 🙂



Meeting with Judy Graves – City of Vancouver at W2 Media Cafe

28 Sep



Hendrik of Crosstown Pet had a great meeting with Judy Graves of City of Vancouver at W2 Media Cafe

Babz is so cute! 🙂

Inner City Economic Strategy at W2 Media Cafe

25 Sep

Opening Remarks by Irwin Oostindie of W2, Hendrik Hoekma of DTES Education Enhancement Society and Bob Laurie of Vancouver Board of Trade

Panel Speakers included Brian Postlewait of Mission Possible,  Marcia Nozick of Embers  Wes Regan of Hastings Crossing BIA

Scott Clark of ALIVE inspired us with his rousing speech of economic development strategies.

One of the  Business Start Up presenters  was our very own Hendrik Beune of Crosstown Pet

Peter of Crosstown Pet waves hello!

Clyde and Peter of Crosstown Pet 🙂

Hendrik of Crosstown Pet smiles with Joan

Peter, Hendrik, Bob Laurie of Vancouver Board of Trade and Clyde.

Hendrik sees Bob Laurie of Vancouver Board of Trade show his furry son.

A close up of a beloved furry son!

Power of Women loves Crosstown Pet!

Lianne of W2 smiles on as Hendrik and Brian Postlewait of Mission Possible chat.

Scott Clark speaks with Bob Laurie.

A young boy loves our Crosstown Pet display.

Closeup of our Upcycled DIY Crafty Crosstown Pet pins 🙂

Clyde with Carol holding our Dog Treats samples.

Our Crosstown Pet exhibit 🙂

Doberman goes for a walk

24 Sep

Walking a doberman in the crisp autumn weather is a real treat!


Happy Fall

23 Sep

Birds flying South, air turns chilly and Dog Walks in orange leaves begin 🙂

The New Paradigm of Business – Local Economies

23 Sep

Crosstown Pet is excited to attend this free event! The New Paradigm of Business – Local Economies



Right now humanity is facing an oppressive list of seemingly impossible obstacles. From global warming to rising social inequity (the 99% vs. the 1%) we appear to be at a pivotal point in our evolution.

Many blame the financial markets, multinational corporations and the banks. However many of these arguments discriminate against businesses as if they are all the same.

What if business could be the way through our global challenges?

Not the profit-above-all-else, destructive kind of business that has become rampant, but a new paradigm of business where people and planet are harmoniously balanced with profit. 

This event will explore the next steps in this process with local new paradigm business leaders, economists, politicians and more.

Date and location: September 23rd 2012, 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm.

SFU Harbor Center. Room #1700, 515 West Hastings Street.

Inner City Economic Strategy

19 Sep
Crosstown Pet is very proud to be a part of the Inner City Economic Strategy held at W2 Media Cafe in Vancouver

Unique populations have to be considered, women, Aboriginal, youth, immigrant and the aging population. This event is open to everybody who wants to contribute to taking ownership over this strategy.

We know we have to collectively develop an ongoing strategy with projects that have real positive outcomes for the residents of the Downtown Eastside and inner-city neighbourhoods.

How do we build a sustainable community which enhances the local economy? What type of education, training and employment strategies do we envision? What mix of businesses can we collectively advocate for? How do we get a City of Vancouver procurement policy that supports our collective goals? What opportunities already exist that need nurturing and advancement? Who is already doing this work? How can you get active with social media for your own project, cause or business? Participate, learn tips!

Presenters from local businesses and interested groups. Lunch and organic will be provided.

Display tables showcasing efforts for inclusive economic development will be featured in the Woodward’s Atrium including ALIVE, ICNC, W2, RayCam, and others. We welcome others to this inclusive event!

See you at 12 noon on Saturday!

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